Offices & Conference

Decoration is key to the perception of your organisation. PSM Decorators will help you portray a professional environment and it show your customers that you care and pay attention to detail.

Case Studies

Public Sector

PSM Decorators regularly serve the public sector and have a track-record of quickly and efficiently redecorating buildings, often while they are still in use and are experts in minimising disruption.

Case Studies

Retail Sector

The retail industry is under increasing pressure to compete against its online counterparts. PSM Decorators minimise outlet downtime without compromising shop floor appearance.

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Schools & Community

Schools, hospitals and other community-centric buildings are ever increasing in importance. PSM Decorators can repair and maintain whilst working to ever tightening budgets.

Case Studies

Training. Development. Solutions.

A solid, successful track record has gained PSM Decorators repeat business from all industry sectors, in maintaining the largest corporate buildings through to networks of small satellite offices.

To ensure that high standards of workmanship remain consistent, our decorators undergo a continuous programme of training and personal development. PSM’s experts tailor each repair and redecoration solutions to meet client-specific needs which frequently involve specialist treatments.

  • Cost

    Reducing costs by delivering results with formal durability guarantees

  • Planning

    Providing planned maintenance schedules

  • Morale

    Raising staff, student & public morale

  • Image

    Projecting a professional image to customers and other visitors

  • H&S

    Improving health and safety standards.

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